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Content originally posted in LPCWare by elm on Tue Nov 30 02:42:58 MST 2010

First of all to describe my configuration. I am using a LPCxpresso board to debug with an LPC2362 CPU. I implemented a software which was written in Keil. Till Friday it did work in debug mode. I am running the LPCxpresso version 3.3.4. I know in this version was an error in the linker file about the RAM adress. So I changed this file and I am using my own. I don't know if this problem is solved in newer versions.

Now I have a problem with all of my breakpoints. Even if I place the first one in the first line of my main() loop. The debugger doesn't stop at the breakpoints and only shows a warning "Unresolved Breakpoints".

I also found an old thread here and followed the advice to remove the *.launch files.
No ne result!(Is there something more about it?)

The strange thing is I was debugging successfully on friday with working breakpoints and didn't change much. I just can't find the problem. And I don't think I changed something that important that the breakpoints are not working. But it seems to be the case.

I am grateful for any suggestions.