LPC Link failed to connect

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Prithvi on Wed Dec 01 14:34:28 MST 2010
Hi everyone,
I was working on the the lpcxpresso 1343 board with it powering few leds and a MAX3232 level converter and everything was fine. This was in Vista SP2. And the next day I start again and I start getting the message saying:
"02: Failed on connect: Em(01). Cannot find selected MEM-AP (check target power):" I've attached the message pic.
I then installed lpc xpresso in XP. The DFU drivers were loaded sucessfully and the device was sucessfully recognized as a USB DFU device. But then debugging in lpcxpresso again gave the same message.

What could be the problem? Did I draw too much current and spoil the lpc1343?

Thanks in advance,