Starter project  - can debug but not run (LPCXpresso 5)

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by mesocyclone on Fri Sep 20 17:10:23 MST 2013
The following steps are not running my project on the target board:
  [*]Create new C, default project for LPC1769
  [*]Build it ("Debug" directory appears in project)
  [*]Set active build configuration to Release
  [*]Build it again ("Release" directory appears in project)
  [*]Click the LPCXpresso Run button

When I click the Eclipse run button, I get only:


17:00:10 **** Incremental Build of configuration Release for project MyTwinkle2 ****
make all
make: Nothing to be done for `all'.

17:00:10 Build Finished (took 63ms)

I would have expected it to load the Release version into the target board and then start it.

NOTE: Clicking the Debug button produces the expected result:
  [*]Connect to the Link hardware
  [*]Program the device
  [*]Start the program
  [*]Halt in a breakpoint at the start of main.

Is "Run" supposed to run the project on the target? That's normal Eclipse behavior.