LPC1769 Development board CAN Communication

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Am the new user of LPC. Am using the LPC1769 Development board for doing the CAN communication. I have used the CAN example provided in the workspace which includes CAN1 and CAN2 communication control code. I have downloaded the example code and shorted the port pins as configured in the example code P0.0 (CAN1 RD1) to P2.7 (CAN2 TD2) and P0.1 (CAN1 TD1) to P2.8 (CAN2 RD2). I expected the data what CAN1 Transmit buffer is sending to be received in CAN2 RD2 (as written in example code) but no interrupt is occuring. Please help me in correcting my mistake. Do I have to use CAN Transceivers. And also how to come up and proceed with the CAN communication. And how to test it. Awaiting for reply.

Thank You.