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Content originally posted in LPCWare by alanisgp on Wed Apr 04 13:01:42 MST 2012
Hi, I have the following dilemma.
I'm doing a secondary bootloader, the idea is to pass arguments between the application on-Run and the bootloader.
The first synthesis that occurs to me is to reserve a section of SRAM, from a known position. Then when I invoke the bootloader, placed there the parameters you want to communicate, in variables associated with that section, such a structure.
When the bootloader takes control after a reset, read parameters, and then runs different workflows.
The question is: How altered the linker-script to reserve a section ".x" inside ". data", at any bank SRAM, either 1 or 2?.
So to make that modification on the linker file in both codes (main and boot) refer to the same memory locations, and use it as a message queue.
I appreciate any suggestions or other reference literature that may be recommended.
Thank you very much and best regards!.

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