Abnormally high LPCXpresso current consumption  - 75 mA !?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dmitry on Fri Apr 13 03:14:47 MST 2012
Hi everyone,
I have separated the programming and microcontroller parts of the LPCXpresso with LPC1769, and trying to power the later from a battery-powered switching supply at 3.3V.

However when I measure current consumption its 75 mA, even with just a while(1) loop, running at 40 MHz. Even when I keep the micro in reset, the current consumption goes down to 25 mA which is still very high - what else could be consuming current on the board? Ethernet chip?

I connect the 3.3V supply to pin J6-28 of the board ("top right" corner)

Unfortunately I have already soldered the board underneath another PCB so can't even get to probe it :-(

Has anyone had similar experience or measured the current consumption of the board? (and I mean just the microcontroller half)?