USB on-chip driver for the LPC1850, LPC11U24 and the LPC1347

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by halhertani on Thu Apr 26 05:25:53 MST 2012
I'm really thrilled with the new on-chip USB library which can be found in the LPC11U24 and the LPC1850 and hopefully in the LPC1347 once its released. Unlike the on-chip USB library in the LPC1343, this newer one can be used to develop CDC, HID, DFU, MSC and custom USB devices (more than one class). With this much functionality one expects the newer on-chip USB library to be more complicated as it indeed is. Also I realize that  Examples exist for the newer  on-chip USB library in the LPC18xx peripheral library.

But it would be nice to publish an appnote on how the new library can be used or provide a tutorial; especially with NXP heavily marketing this kind of functionality.

I'm really excited about the LPC1347 and hope that NXP will release a 128KB Flash / 16KB RAM part in the LPC134x family soon (and possibly with two UARTS!) !!!