Systick Inaccuracy

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nelmak on Fri Apr 13 07:51:32 MST 2012

I am having problems with getting accurate readings using the Systick timer. I am trying to measure the time intervals between pulses. These pulses have the same geometry from a function generator.

My Systick is ticking at every 1ms.

Below is the simple code i am using,

        adcval = ADCRead(0);

        if ((oldadcval > 200) && (adcval < 200))
            printf("%d ms\n", msTicks);
            msTicks = 0;

        oldadcval = adcval;

When I run a 2.5Hz pulse into AD0, it gives me a reading of 310ms or approximately 3.2Hz. Which is wrong. How would i be able to get an accurate reading? Would using a timer increase the accuracy?