Writing to RAM on LPC1114

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Hi All,

           I am having some problem while writing to the ram in the LPC1114.

static uint8_t        *ram_ptr        = (uint8_t *)  (0x10000000)

value        = *ram_ptr; // Step1
*ram_ptr    = 0xaa;     // Step2
*ram_ptr    = value;    // Step3

The values before Step1 are
ram_ptr      0x10000000   
*ram_ptr    0   

The value I am getting after Step2 are
ram_ptr      0x10[COLOR=Red]aa[/COLOR]0000   
*ram_ptr    [COLOR=Red]0[/COLOR]   

I should be getting
ram_ptr      0x10[COLOR=Black]00[/COLOR]0000   
*ram_ptr    0xaa   

Any clues why this is happenning?