LPC-Link on LPC1788

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Andrea Iachini on Wed May 09 06:26:17 MST 2012
- LPCxpresso 4.2.2 registered to 128K (on 2 PC)
- 3 LPC-LINK LPCxpresso LPC11U14 Rev.A
- 3 OemBaseBoard + 5 OemBoard from Embedded artist for LPC1788
- Needs 512K flash option.
- 2 Custom Board with LPC1788.

The main problem is:
"04: Failed to erase flash: EF(9) Flash erase or write operation aborted"
This happens on all the combination of the aboved tools.
Tipically this happen about the 50% of the writing process.
It seems to depend by some "project configuration"on the IDE; if we change project... flashing works; returning to the previous project flashing gives error....
It seems to depend also by the board, changing the board alla works for a certain time.

Sometimes we have other error as "Commit Flash Write"; of "target error" during debug.

FYI: we observe the rate of rise of the percentage on the flash writing phase; if this is high (or become high during the phase) flashing gives error; if it is slow the operation is OK.

Have someone worked seriously with LPCXpresso & LPC1788?? And it works??
There is something to do, to work in an acceptable manner??
There is an IDE with emulator that works better?