Command line flash program

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by blasiis on Tue May 08 03:08:58 MST 2012
I have used the command line for program the flash of 1758 using LPC-LINK

C:\nxp\LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275\lpcxpresso\bin>crt_emu_cm3_nxp  -wire=hid -pLPC1758 -flash-load=Release.axf
Ni: LPCXpresso Debug Driver v4.0 (Mar 24 2012 17:40:00)
Nc: Looked for chip XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275/lpcxpresso/bin/LPC1758.xml

Nc: Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275/lpcxpresso/bin/nxp_directory.xml

Nc: Found generic directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275/lpcxpresso/bin/crt_directory.xml

Nc: Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: 2BA01477. Info: T1S6RGRIA
Nc: SWD Frequency: 3000 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Nc: Packet delay: 0  Poll delay: 0.
Nc: NXP: LPC1758  Part ID: 0x25013F37
Cr:v Registered license, download limit of 128K
Nt: Loading ELF file 'Release.axf' at location 00010000
Ed:05: File 'Poltrona.axf' load failure: Wt:43: Invalid Reset vector - out of ra

What is the error load failure ?