v4.2 Project links with old libraries

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by caprock on Wed Apr 18 10:16:42 MST 2012
Code Red Xpresso V4.2.0 - Project LPC11xx (13xx & 17xx as well)

I am developing some static libraries and executables, and have changed names of files and/or copied files to new names. The Application is an executable that links with these libraries. While the Application seem to function as expected, I am stumped with the Project Settings Include paths.

The old libraries keep come back! (or at lease their names)

Looking at the Application/Project/Settings the list of Include paths (-I) Debug/Release, the list is populated with all of my previous libraries. I edit the list making sure to Apply, Clean/Build and the entries are cleared as expected.

Next I use Export to Zip w/o references to an external disk. Then I Delete all files in the Workspace and tick delete from disk as well. I then import the archive project and the old libraries are there! Not only at the Settings/Include, but they are in MCU/General and MCU/Linker/Libraries/Library search path as well!

I must be doing something wrong but can't seem to understand just what.

Can anyone provide information as to what is happening? :confused: