Switching between Debug and Release

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rob65 on Mon Feb 08 12:26:26 MST 2010
I've been struggling a bit with the Debug and Release settings in LPCXpesso.

For one, some of the properties in a project are - per default - editable for Debug configuration only. This means that if I set everything up (like include folders) these are for debug only - I need to manually select the "All Configurations" in the configurations settings on top of the properties window.
This seems a bit strange since why would I have different include files for release and debug ...

This is even worse for libraries - I not only have to select which libraries to load for debug and release as separate libraries but I also need to select the directories from where these libraries are retrieved.
I.e: "${workspace_loc:/Lib_CMSISv1p30_LPC13xx/Debug}" and "${workspace_loc:/Lib_CMSISv1p30_LPC13xx/Release}" need to be specified as different items. Why not have one item with a $CONFIG in the directory name.
This not only time consuming but also error prone - before I know I have a debug lib included in a release config ...

Then it also looks like I have to set which configuration to build per project.
Even if I select the Release configuration and the perform a build all it seems like only those projects where I selected the Release config (in Project - Build Configurations - Set Active).

And - as a last thing - The items in the Quickstart panel that state which configuration are not following the active configuration settings.
If I select a project, then change the release config using the Project - Build Configurations menu and look at the Quickstart panel, there is still a (Debug) behind the "Build All" and other items. Only after clicking on the project again this is changed.
But also here - if I click on "Build all projects (Release)" it still compiles to a project for Debug id that was the last configuration set for that project.
A bit of a pain in the ... if I have different libraries in a clean environment since I need to select the Release/Debug separately for each library project.

I have the feeling I am missing something here (or this is why I loved my old Unix make environment) ...