LPC13xx EE_Write from flash source

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by efiLabs on Fri Aug 30 22:57:49 MST 2013
friends :

tried to write to the ee-mem using iap function pointer calls

everything seems to work just fine ...

except if you want to copy bytes from flash to ee-mem

1st it seems to return error code 14, which is not an iap error code, it could be an isp code

Address is not mapped in the memory map. Count
value is taken in to consideration where applicable.

the IAP Status Codes end at 11

any particular reason why i wouldn't be able to read the data for my ee-mem writes from flash ??? like some inits ???

either i'm dreaming or who ever wrote the boot code and or the user manual.

sorry for my comments, but i spent considerable code chasing my tail this way.

at least that's the way it looks for me right now.

anyone with similar experiences ??? please step forward and share it with us :)

thanks and cheers efiLabs