USB MSD ROM driver update firmware with encryption

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I'm using the LPC11U37 for my project, i saw in the User manual this:

[I][B]page 373.Chapter 20: LPC11Uxx Flash programming firmware[/B][/I]
[I]A LOW level during reset at the PIO0_1 pin is considered an external hardware
request to start the ISP command handler (or the USB device handler[/I]...

[I][B]page 374.[/B][/I]
[I]• If PIO0_3 is sampled HIGH, the bootloader connects the LPC1Uxx as a MSC USB
device to a PC host. The LPC11Uxx flash memory space is represented as a drive in
the host’s operating system.[/I]

This is awesome, it saves memory and it makes it really nice and simple to do firmware update.
But this brings up some questions: what if the firmware.bin is encrypted ?

how can it be handled? do I have any options?

I've searched about it but I cannot find anything.

Thanks in advance,