Always debug error occurs

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Thucydides on Tue Apr 24 12:59:02 MST 2012
Now I'm debugging LPC1343 via LPC-Link by using "Debug As" from LPCXpresso IDE (LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275).
But always a target error occurs.
The error dialog shows that

15: Target error from set/break watch
Unable to set an execution break - no resource available.

Firstly the problem occurred for only par of projects but now I can't debug normally all of the projects.
When I used the LPCXpresso_4.1.5, i thought it's problem by version and I newly installed the LPCXpresso_4.2.2_275 but same as the old one.
I'll buy new LPC1343 and check if it's hardware problem or not.
If someone who experienced this problem, please write how to solve it.