Target marked as not debuggable - Again

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ppx on Thu Feb 13 07:52:26 MST 2014
Everything worked OK for several weeks.

I don't know what is causing it but it started when I closed LPCXpresso without terminating the debug session. After this I could not close down my laptop, I had to force a shutdown. After this I could not debug, I got the message that 02--Failed on connect, Target marked as not debuggable, EMU(0) Conn&Rest None. DPID: BC114777. Info WIN64HS12. LPC-link was not even started.

I changed the board and it and it worked for about a day. Today I had almost the same trouble with the new board but it starts the LPC link  which it doesn't with the old board. After the same message.

My code is based on LPCOpen, nxp_lpcxpresso_812_periph_uart_rom_int But I changed the pin numbers using a tool at at http://www.lpcware.com/content/tools/lpc-initializer because the offline tool can't generate code for LPCOpen.

These are the only differences from the example in function Init_UART_PinMux. I'm not touching the CRP. Vector catch is set to true by default.

    /* Enable SWM clock */

    /* divided by 1 */

    /* Pin Assign 8 bit Configuration */
    /* U0_TXD */
    /* U0_RXD */
    LPC_SWM->PINASSIGN[0] = 0xffff0004UL;

    /* U1_TXD */
    /* U1_RXD */
    LPC_SWM->PINASSIGN[1] = 0xff0d0cffUL;

    /* Pin Assign 1 bit Configuration */
    /* SWCLK */
    /* SWDIO */
    /* RESET */
    /* CLKIN */
    LPC_SWM->PINENABLE0 = 0xffffff33UL;

    /* Disable the clock to the Switch Matrix to save power */

WINXP SP3, LPCXpresso 6.1.4, LPCXpresso board 812, the small and cheap board. Still together as one PCB.