Multiple Toolchain includes

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Meyer on Fri Nov 22 06:32:33 MST 2013
Hi Lpcxpresso-Team,

I got the problem that when I update the Lpcxpresso Ide and Import my project´s I got the new toolchain includes:


That´s good but I am not allowed to delete the old toolchain includes.

I don´t know if I change the path to the old includes lpcxpresso recordnize that the path don´t exist. I got no errors but I don´t want that my inlcudes increase with the Ide Updates. (see attached file)

2. Question is :

Anybody know´s how to outsource the Compiler and tools and change the path in lpcxpresso? or is it not possible?

Thx best regards

Thomas Meyer