Problems registering at code red tech

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by capiman on Wed Jan 20 13:15:17 MST 2010

i have a problem registering. I entered all my data already yesterday, selected user name is capiman (same as here). Since yesterday (24 hours) i have not received any email from code-red-tech.com to confirm my account.
I just tried to re-register, but it seems that my login and my email is still in your database, so i think registration itself was ok. Requesting to re-send a password was executed, but again no email received.

I tried to contact code-red-tech.com under the shown email
but the only answer i got was

You have emailed an unattended mailbox.
For support or any other questions on LPCXpresso, please visit

Great help ! :-(

Who can help me registering at code-red-tech.com ?
How / where can i get the IDE ?