Unexplainable ADC values on LPC1769?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Darko8 on Sun Apr 15 14:12:23 MST 2012

I'm using all 8 analog CH on LPC1769 ADC by selecting one by one. ADC is running on 12MHz (96MHz system clk divided by 8, and I tried other dividers also).

All analog values are defined with 10k potentiometers directly tied to power supply and if I leave them on some value I can read almost exact values with some small noise present, but every now and then I read 0xF700 to 0xFFF0 on some ADC channel or even very close to 0x0000.
I measured DC level with oscilloscope and it looks OK, without any apparent spikes.

I'm noticing those spikes only when debugging (with RedProbe+ debugging tool OR LPCXpresso link) and SWD is running, if the cable is only connected and firmware is running without debugging then all is OK.

I'm using CMSISv2 and I start AD conversion with or without 100us waiting after AD channel selection. I'm using ADC in single conversion mode by using command ADC_START_NOW.

Any ideas of what could cause such random ADC conversion anomalies while debugging?

Best regards, Darko Obretan