Removing Libraries from Project

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Sal Ammoniac on Fri Dec 02 10:08:36 MST 2011
I'm using LPCXpresso 4.1.0 with an LPC1469 board. I created an LCPXpressio C project in Code Red and specified not to use the Code Red or Newlib libraries.

In the project's "MCU Linker->General" properaties tab I checked the "Do not use default libraries", "No startup or default libs", and the "No shared libraries" options.

Even with these options selected, Code Red still creates a "Test1_Debug_lib.ld" file with this content:

* (C) Code Red Technologies Ltd, 2008-9
* Generated linker script library include file for Redlib (none)
* (created from redlib_none_c.ld (LPCXpresso v4.1.0 [Build 190] [27/09/2011] ) on Fri Dec 02 06:01:02 PST 2011)

GROUP(libcr_c.a libcr_eabihelpers.a)

The last line causes the linker to try to resolve symbols out of a library somewhere, which I don't want. I can manually delete this line, but get a warning that this is a generated file. When I do this, I can link my project okay.

How do I get Code Red to stop trying to link my code with libcr_c.a and libcr_eabihelpers.a?