Updated LPC15xx startup files for LPCOpen compatibility

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Unfortunately the startup code generated by the LPCXpresso LPC15xx new project wizard got out of sync with the code in the public release of the LPC15xx LPCOpen bundle - meaning that the names of some of the interrupt handler names referenced in the startup code produced for new projects do not match the names of the corresponding handlers used in the LPCOpen examples for LPC15xx.

This means that if projects are created with the wizard and you pull in interrupt handler code from the LPCOpen examples, then some handlers may never get executed (the default handlers in the startup code will get invoked instead).

This problem exists in all LPCXpresso IDE v7 upto and including v7.2.0 and will be fixed in a forthcoming release.

In the meantime, the attached zip file contains updated startup files that can be used to patch the LPCXpresso New Project Wizards so that LPCOpen compatible projects are correctly created.

To do this, unzip these files into your LPCXpresso install at:


Note that the names of the interrupt handlers used in the original startup code by undefining the symbol "USE_LPCOPEN_IRQHANDLER_NAMES" inside the startup file.

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