Debug Tool Bar not visible

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ekki on Tue Sep 09 07:23:08 MST 2014
Hello Forum Readers,

I have a problem with the 'Debug Toolbar' since a few versions now. My 'Debug Toolbar' has disappeared and it is not possible to get it back to the toolbar again. 
At any other tool bar it is possible to switch it on or off by using 'Window->Customize Perspective->Tool Bar Visibility', but not the 'Debug'-Tool Bar. When I open the 'Tool Bar Visibility'-list it is always marked with a hook, even if I removed it before.

Surprisingly there are two Debug Tool Bars in the 'Tool Bar Visibility'-List. One that includes 'reverse Toggle, Reverse Resume,....' which is marked as not available (grayed out) and the one I am missing in the main tool bar with 'Drop To Frame, Use Step Filters, Run to Line,.....
May be this is the cause of the problem but I do not know where the problem comes from and how to solve it.
I hope somebody can give me a hint.
Thanks in advance