"ld.exe has stopped working"

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by liquidboard on Tue Dec 06 16:05:56 MST 2011
Hello, I have just recently started using LPCXpresso along with an LPC1343. I am having an issue building in release mode for any project that uses the USB-rom codebase (for example, the hid-rom project). The project will build no problems when i build in debug mode, but any time i try to build in Release mode, right when it gets to building the ".ld" files, a windows 7 prommpt comes up saying "ld.exe has stopped working," from that point on no matter what i do the project fails to finish building. i have built the release mode of the library so it is not that. And this only happens when i use the Rom-based USB code, other projects build in release just fine. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know.

Windows 7
LPCXpresso v4.1.0_190