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Confirmed on stock install of both Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04

At present the linux Installer for LCP Expresso experiences a fatal error upon startup, making it impossible to install the current version. This has been verifed for both Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 stock installs. I have verifed that the much older verison 7.0.2 installer works without incident on the same systems, so something has been changed in the installer.

Also, I am running 32 bit versions of linux and on both machines I followed the installation instructions for 32 bit ubuntu. Unfortunatly, the issue is with the installer not the IDE ...

Symptom One

$ sudo /opt/Installer_LPCXpresso_7.5.0_254_Linux-x86
application-specific initialization failed: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:
    /installkitvfs/lib/tcl /installkitvfs/lib/tcl8.6 /home/damon/src/installkit-1.3.0/out/lib/tcl8.6 /media/xubuntu/lib/tcl8.6 /media/lib/tcl8.6 /media/xubuntu/library /media/library /media/tcl8.6b1.2/library /tcl8.6b1.2/library

This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.


The installer, which is clearly TCL based*, is looking for TCL in /installkitvfs/lib/tcl

*(TCL is a very simple shell/batch like scripting language for those of you are not familiar )

The name would suggest that the installer is supposed to mount a virtual file system at /installkitvfs and load its scripts from there. However, this apparently does not happen

What results is just a TCL prompt, no installer.

Getting a version of tcl8.6 and putting it into the search path resulted in the installer going straight to the TCL prompt with no errors or warnings.

Any support on this issue would be apperciated.