LPC1343 Examples: SSP CR0 Inconsistency

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ktownsend on Thu Jan 14 09:31:57 MST 2010
There seems to be an inconsistency in the SSP demo code in the following line:

/* Set DSS data to 8-bit, Frame format SPI, CPOL = 0, CPHA = 0, and SCR is 15 */
LPC_SSP->CR0 = 0x0707;

The comment leads you to believe that SCR is 15, but 0X0707 corresponds to the SCR bits (15:8) being set to 0000 0111 (decimal 7). In any case, I don't seem to be able to get a correct clock signal supplying either 7 or 15 for the SCR bits.

Am I right in the following understanding for the SSP clock if the device is running at 72MHz and SCR is set to 7:

72000000 / (2 [CPSR] x (7 [SCR] + 1)) = 4.5MHz

I seem to be getting inconsistent/irregular clock signals, and have been trying to track down the problem. In any case, you might want to update the comment in any future revision to be less misleading.