7.5.0 -> 7.7.2 annoyances... SOLVED

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hparracho on Thu Apr 02 05:00:44 MST 2015

I am developing a project with a LPC1769 using a Red Probe+ on Windows 7 Pro.

I just upgraded my LPCXpresso from 7.5.0 to the latest 7.7.2 version and I have a couple of problems now.

1) - I am getting random timeout errors while flashing: "Flash driver "Terminate" timeout (500ms) PC: xxx".

2) - On the program window, the option "Reset target on completion" doesn't work.
Using SWD or JTAG doesn't matter.
I don't have a reset button on the target board, so you can imagine how fun development is now...

3) - This last one is just a nitpick but is present since the old 7.4 or something... The LPCXpresso starts with the "Terminate/Disconnect All" button enabled.
If you click it you obviously get an error because you don't have any debug session to terminate.

I'm going back to the 7.5.0 for now because of 1) and 2).