LPCXpresso (LPC1114 ) Input capture mode for measuring pulse width

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Hi Everyone,

I was trying measure the pulse width using lpc1114 in capture mode but it doesn't works.

I am using 16bit Timer0 :

//init 16bit timer0
     LPC_SYSCON->SYSAHBCLKCTRL |= (1<<7);//enable clock CT16B0
    //init io CT16B0_CAP0
     LPC_IOCON->PIO0_2 = (1<<1)|(2<<3);     //CT16B0_CAP0 & pullupCAP0FE
     LPC_TMR16B0->CTCR = 0;                //use timer mode
     LPC_TMR16B0->CCR  = 5;                //rising
     LPC_TMR16B0->PR  = 47;                //prescaler 48
     NVIC_EnableIRQ(TIMER_16_0_IRQn);         //enable interrupt
     LPC_TMR16B0->TCR  = 1;                  //and run timer

Interrupt routine :

void TIMER16_0_IRQHandler(void)

if(LPC_TMR16B0->IR & (1<<4))            //capture interrupt?
  LPC_TMR16B0->TC = 0;                    //reset timer
  period_time = LPC_TMR16B0->CR0;        //read time
  LPC_TMR16B0->IR |= (1<<4);            //reset capture interrupt

//end capture interrupt

I am varying the pulse with (1-100us) in P0_2 pin but the period time not changing. but i need only the pulse width value
please help me to make it work

Note:-(reading pulse from ultra sonic sensor module)

Ashok r