"Flash image too large for license" (LPCXpresso 7.1.1) and "Hardfault" (LPCXpresso 7.2)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DennisFrie on Sat Jun 07 17:13:07 MST 2014
I've been working on a project for a while in LPCXpresso 7.1.1 and haven't experienced any problems.

Earlier today, I got the error:
"License restriction: Flash image too large for this license".

This obviously seems like a problem with the license, so I've re-activated and un-installed/installed - but with no luck.
Removing any piece of code solves this problem, which would indicate a problem with the license.

I noticed that a new version of LPCXpresso was available and upgraded to LPCXpresso 7.2 instead, hoping that would solve the problem.
Compiling with the exact same code, I now get a HardFault error. Again, removing any piece of code solves the problem, but that's not much help.

Any good suggestions as to what could be wrong?

LPCXpresso 7.1.1 [Build 125]
LPCXpresso 7.2 [Build 153]

LPCXpresso 1549 evaluation board and also tested with a 1548 MCU with same result.