Build does not compile all .C Files in the Project

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Build does not compile all .C Files in my Project
i have a working C-Project (compiled and testes with IAR) with some .C Files without Libraries.

i put All  these Files in the project workspace .SRC directory
If i Build my project, i get Problems.
i have tested anything and can locate that the build process has not compiled somes files.
i can found, that the IDE generates a file SUBDIR.MK and here i found that some files of my project are not shown.
If have checked in the IDE that these Files are not excludes from build.

i get erros undefined reference xxxxx
and i see this is okay, because the compiler has not compiled some files and so there were no Objectfiles generated.

I can also see in the comsole window, that some files are not compiled.

For testing i have dowmload and installed an older version of the IDE 6.xx
there is the same problem with the newest version IDE 7.5

i dont know where is the problem.
can everybody help me, to resolve my problem