Debugging not working reliably

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Hallo all,
we are observing since some time, that debugging with LPC-Link2 and LPCXpresso ( 7.0.2b102 and 7.2.0b153 full License on Windows 7 64Bit Host) is not working reliably. We are using custom boards equipped with LPC4350 in conjunction with a Spansion QSPI device (FL128S).

Debugging and flashing of the modules is not possible due different kinds of errors, see attached screenshots.

Things we tried without improvement of the situation :
- restart Computer / LPCXpresso / LPC-Link2-Device
- change USB-Ports on which the LPC-Link2 are attached
- change workstation (3 different tested)
- installed new LPCXpresso Versions (all tested from 7.0.2b102 to 7.2.0b153 )
- change target boards

If we use a Segger JLink (with LPCXpressso 7.2.0 ), we can debug all target boards without any problems, so i think the target-hardware is ok!

Many thanks for hints.