Breakpoints Ignored in Tasks in FreeRTOS

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by toddatm on Fri Dec 23 17:26:00 MST 2011
I've got the LPCXpresso with FreeRTOS and built the first example, which creates 2 simple tasks. I built everything as it was set up and downloaded and ran with the debugger and the code runs. However, when I set breakpoints in the tasks the debugger doesn't halt at the breakpoints.

Tried searching the forum for a similar issue. Would seem to be a common issue if something isn't configured correctly since I haven't changed any out-of-the-box configuration settings, but I didn't see anything in the manuals from FreeRTOS or LPCXpresso or in the forums about this behavior.

Is there some magic to debugging a task? Why would my breakpoints be ignored?

If I set the breakpoints before I started the code the first time, one of them got executed, but after a "Resume", no more.