Perspectives:  automatic undesired return to C/C++Perspective from Debug Perspective

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With LPCXPresso 7.02 after each stepping in the Debug Perspective the program switches automatically back to C/C++ Perspective. In the User Guide there is a hint for some change compared with earlier Red Suite versions:

Typically, the LPCXpresso IDE operates using the single Develop Perspective, under which both code development and debug sessions operate as shown in Figure 3.3. This single perspective simplifies the Eclipse environment, but at the cost of slightly reducing the amount of information displayed on screen.

Alternatively the LPCXpresso IDE can operate in a ‘dual perspective’ mode such that the C/ C++ Perspective is used for developing and navigating around your code and the Debug Perspective is used when debugging your application.

Question: how and where can a set the program to stick to the selected perspective ? I checked help but found nothing helpful. Where can I set the above mentioned "dual perspective mode"? I see both perspective names displayed so I can switch manually back and forth, but as said - after choosing the Debug Perspective it will automatically change back to the C/C++ Perspective after pressing F5 or F6 (step into / step over)