Joel Fieber

ColdFire MCF5271 Ethernet receive

Discussion created by Joel Fieber on May 29, 2008
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by Simon Marsden

I am having trouble initializing the Ethernet controller to use an RxBD Ring located in the internal SRAM of the micro.. my debugger crashes everytime.

The ColdFire manual (sec it says the Receive Descriptor Ring Start Register (ERDSR) points to the start of the circular RxBD queue "in external memory".. however I always read this to mean memory external to the FEC, not memory external to the micro.

Has anyone been able to use internal RAM for Ethernet buffer space? I know other flavours of ColdFire have no external bus and must be using this memory.. I am hoping the 5271 can be setup the same.

Any help is appreciated..