LPC4088, emWin and mbed

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by JojoS on Sat Mar 15 05:25:20 MST 2014
I want to get the emWin lib running on my LPC4088QSB and downloaded the 5.22 version with hardware floating point. There was an instruction on how to use in the mbed environment and that worked. Then I exported the project to LPCXpresso and got linker errors like 'my program uses VFP instructions, libemWin_m4fp does not'.
Floating point usage is set to 'abi-hard', that is also the setting for the mbed compiler, but with this setting it is not working. It works only when I build the mbed lib with 'abi-soft' and compile&link my project also with 'abi-soft'. Is the mbed compiler doing some magic? I have also searched the Segger site but I can find the NXP version of the emWin lib only here. Segger has also a newer version 5.24 of the emWin lib, when will it be available here?