IDE 7.3 Debug Config Issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Sat Aug 16 12:00:49 MST 2014
I installed version 7.3 (windows), deleted the debug launch configuration and created a new one (under "... MCUApplication) ...
[I got into the launch dialog via the drop down arrow on the bug icon on thr toolbar and selected Debug Configurations.]
I browsed to the elf file and then went to the debbuger tab. Naturally, all the defaults were wrong for me, so I ...

BTW, it is a LPC1778 project.

I set Red Trace off, SemiHosting off, protocol SWD, Attach Only True [NOTE] Load Image False [NOTE].
I disable the breakpoint at Main -- I don't have any functions by that name.
I click Apply.
I click Debug.

The bloody thing tries to program Flash!!!!! (But I told it NOT to!!! Ask me if I am cross!) ... which failed on erase sector.
But this still destroyed the flash image somehow. Why did it even try to do this?

So I re-burn the flash image (using external tools).

Go back to the debug launch and nothing was saved! All the wrong defaults are back -- isn't 'Apply'  supposed to save the
debug settings.

I change all the defaults (again), click apply, and this time, it attches properly.

The same thing has been happening on previous versions too and also happens whenever a new project is created.

Needless to say, this is bloody annoying.