LPC4322 board detection on Ubuntu 12.04.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mbilal on Mon Oct 27 10:51:06 MST 2014

I have LPC 4322 expresso v2 board.
I downlaoded the CMSIS-DAP image for using the on-chip debuger by using the LPC configuration tool.
I can see the CMSIS-DAP debugger option on Windows host easily by using Sourcery CodeBench debug Sprite.
But I'm not seeing the CMSIS-DAP option on UBUNTU 12.04 (32 bit) host by using the Sourcery CodeBench debug Sprite.

I think it is LPCexpresso device detection failure on Linux machine.
I have updated the udev rules with 85-lpcexpresso.rules but doesn't work.

Am I missing something to be able to detect the LPC4322 on Linux machine?

Could you please help me on this regard?