Bug Report: LPC_Open v2.08c, rtc_15xx.h Chip_RTC_ClearStatus does nothing

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by frh on Fri Jun 12 21:29:20 MST 2015
I had trouble with the code for the rtc example project. In the course of digging through the code and the UM I noticed that the code for the functions [u]Chip_RTC_GetStatus[/u] and [u]Chip_RTC_ClearStatus[/u] are identical and only return the value of the CTRL register. The example code should still work in spite of this because it clears bit's that are already 0 and are set later to 1 before the RTC is enabled.

Shouldn't ClearStatus do something like the following

    pRTC->CTRL &= ~stsMask;
    pRTC->CTRL |= stsMask & RTC_CTRL_OFD;   // must write a 1 to clear this bit

prior to the return?