Need Assistance. GSM AT commands via USB

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JJClyne on Mon May 21 10:57:03 MST 2012
Hi everyone, please allow me some of your time with this problem.

I have bought myself a GSM modem with a USB interface. (Huawei E1750)I can't seem to find a reasonably priced GSM module anywhere near my area.

Basically, all i want to do is to send AT commands to the GSM Modem to perform simple read and write of SMSes. All of which is done via LPC 1769.

Will anyone point me to the right directions as to how I can approach this problem ?

Problem 1) Is it possible to send AT Commands via USB connection on the LPC 1769 ?
If so, kindly point me in the right directions.

I understand that UART is usually used for such GSM projects. However, My development PC has no serial port and the modem only has a USB interface, hence, i am not able to test AT commands via Hyper Terminal.

The only choice for me, right now, is to send AT commands via LPC 1769 - Via a Usb to 9pin adapter which allows me to connect D+ D- Gnd 5v onto the LPC.

Many many thanks.