No connection to emulator device

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Simon Stark on Wed May 11 05:13:24 MST 2016

I'm using a LPC 4357 Board mit LPCLink2.

When I try to flash a program onto the board I get the following message:
Ni: LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v7.6 (Feb  2 2015 09:45:13 - crt_emu_cm_redlink.exe build 253)
Pc: (  0) Reading remote configuration
Nc: Found chip XML file in E:/LPCXpresso/freertos_blinky/Debug/LPC4350.xml

Pc: (  5) Remote configuration complete
Ed:02: Failed on connect: Ee(36). Could not connect to core.
Et:31: No connection to emulator device
Pc: (100) Target Connection Failed

Laptop Win 7
LPC4357 Board
LCD connected
LPCLink2 Debug Probe (correctly installed)

Any advice what's wrong?

Kind regards