LPCXpresso LPC1343 board bootloader not recognized by PC USB port

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by CC58 on Sat May 26 11:48:42 MST 2012
I acquired a LPCXpresso LPC1343 board. It works fine with compiler/debugger using supplied USB connector.  I want to execute ROM based bootloader so wired up a second USB connector and connected PIO0_1 to GND, connected PIO0_3 to VDD.  Added 1.5K pullup resistor from USB_DP to VDD.  PC says unrecognized device no matter how many times I plug it in.  Tried two PCs; Windows7 and XP.

Out of frustration I bought a second LPC1343 board and it does not work either.

This should be easy.  What am I doing wrong?