Interrupt not serviced

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mspahr on Thu Sep 05 10:41:48 MST 2013
I am using LPCXpresso V5.2.6
The project is from LPWare/LPC11xx/Downloads/Software/Sample code bundle for LPC1xx peripherals using NXP LPCXpresso.
I have based my project on the example USB ROM MSC.

I have added I2C functionality (using I2C.c from the examples) to talk to an EEPROM.
I can read and write the EEPROM outside the USB.
However the USB is interrupt driven.
The I2C driver is also interrupt driven.

In the USB translate_read() function (which is called from a USB interrupt),
when I try to use the I2C to read the EEPROM,
the I2C interrupts are not serviced.

I can see from the NVIC registers that the I2C interrupt is enabled and pending.

What do I need to do to allow the nested interrupt to be serviced.