Software SPIFI libs with LPC4333

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Hi All,

I've posted a similar post on LPCWare but this might be a better place as it's specific LPCXpresso.

We use a number of NXP devices, and now moving a project to use the LPC4333. All peripherals are working, and the move (from LPC2478) was relatively painless. I've now been spending quite some time to get the SPIFI interface to work (so far the QSPI device was simply running in SPI mode)

As a first step, I have been able to get a small project working on the LPC4088 that writes to a SPIFI device. I've based this on a uVision project which I ported to LPCXpresso. As the LPC4088 has ROM drivers available for SPIFI, there is obviously no driver that needs to be linked against and so is relatively painless once you find the right info form NXP/LPCWare.

However, for the LPC4333 I'm still struggling. I have again based something on a uVision project (http://www.lpcware.com/content/nxpfile/lpc4350apdlzip).
Although the SPIFI example has the software SPIFI library with it (for cortex-m4), I am not succesfull with loading this project using a J-Link. I've ported it to LPCXpresso, the same way I did for
the LPC4088 project but I get a lot of linker errors, mostly "Conflicting CPU architectures 0/13". I have selected the proper core, (LPC4333/M4), and ensured everything is that is build is build for the Cortex-M4.
I figured the issue is likely that I used a library that was part of a uVision project. I have foud a NXP released one (http://www.lpcware.com/system/files/SPIFILib-2012-12-11_0.zip) but this causes the same errors. I suspect it is still caused because of a conflict, as I have based my LPCXpresso project on a uVision project.

So I still have some questions:
Q1: Is it correct that the LPC4333 does NOT have ROM drivers for SPIFI, but the LPC4350 does?
Q2: Am I using the latest SPIFI software drivers? (I found the link in a forum post, but no idea if there is a later one already)
Q3: Are there any examples that use the software drivers on LPCXPresso?

As a general comment. NXP would do really well to create a simple to navigate website.

Any help appreciated.