LPC1114 Deep Sleep mode problem

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by LPC_Dude on Mon Mar 08 06:24:16 MST 2010
I am using the LPC1114 device in my applications that uses the power managed modes. Mu application is highly low power demanding.

I configured the device to enter the deep sleep mode with all the peripherals and clocks shut off. I wanted to get the lowest possible current. Below are the configuration details that I have done:


1. StartLogic interrupts are configured to wake the device.
2. All port's pull up/down is disabled and ports are configured as output with 0   written to it. (nothing is connected to ports while testing)
3. Device runs on programmer mode

When the fresh device is taken and programmed, in the deep sleep mode, current consumption is quite low (core current as low as 6uA). But when the controller is reprogrammed with the same code again, I am measuring higher currents (in this case core current itself is high - 700uA).

My doubt is that I might be missing to clear some flag bits. Like in LPC13xx series DSFLAG bit in PCON is absent in LPC11xx series. So I am missing something because of which the device might not be entering proper deep sleep state?
I am sure that device is not executing anythings once WFI is executed.

Please help!!!!.

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