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I just thought I'd post this as it took me a while to find it and it may save someone else a little time.

The examples you can download for Xpresso 1343 for USB appear (apart from the ones that use ROM functionality) to come from a library authored by Keil but I couldn't find anything supplied describing the APIs available or how they are used/combined to make a solution. (the .h files are hardly "self documenting" :-( )

I searched the Keil site but couldn't find anything obvious apart from the fact that the USB lib appeared to be "RL-USB" a component of "RL-ARM" and that actually lead finally to arm.com where this PDF can be found:


(the text is also online at arm.com). That appears to be describing the same API functionality as found in the Xpresso USB examples and hopefully will prove useful to someone (me too I'm kind of hoping!)