CLKOUT pin usage

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Hi everyone,

I have a lpcxpresso for LPC1114. I'm trying to get the clkout pin given me main clock signal. It looks pretty easy in user manual. There is almost nothing to adjust. But I couldn't do it. Let me explain what I have done;

[SIZE=2]  LPC_IOCON->PIO0_1 &= ~0x07;
  LPC_IOCON->PIO0_1 |= 0x01;
//  GPIOSetDir(0, 1, OUTPUT );
  LPC_SYSCON->CLKOUTUEN = 0x01;  /* Update clock */
  LPC_SYSCON->CLKOUTUEN = 0x00;  /* Toggle update register once */
  while ( !(LPC_SYSCON->CLKOUTUEN & 0x01) );  /* Wait until updated*/[/SIZE]
Where am I doing wrong? Is it something to do with LPCLink?



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