LPC1111 "JTAG" Signals

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by richas on Wed Feb 17 15:19:00 MST 2010
I am trying to specify the JTAG pinout for our layout guy for the LPC1111 in QFN.  First a basic question, this debug interface is commonly referred to as a "JTAG" interface yet, the more I look at it the more it looks like something called "SWD".  I am used to the ARM7 devices with a more typical JTAG interface.  Maybe someone can clear that up for me.

I am using a 2x5 male header as found on the LPC-Link board.  I have it pinned out as follows:
1  3.3V
2  pin 22 (tms)
3  gnd
4  pin 19 (tck)
5  gnd
6  pin 23 (tdo)
7 nc
8  pin 21 (tdi)
9  gnd
10  pin 2 (reset)

Perhaps someone has done this and could verify my connections.