Regarding external LED connection on the Expansion Connector of LPC1769 BASE BOARD

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kuldip rajput on Sat Apr 04 23:25:17 MST 2015

            I want to interface an LED with the GPIO_14 on the expansion connector (J6) provided on the lpc1769 base board. I am using lpcxpresso lpc1769 REV-B base board. I have removed the jumper from the base board which was connected to the RGB LED group. Because same pin i need to connect with the external LED. I have assigned GPIO_14=PIN NO-19(PIO1-2 ON J6 CONNECTOR) AS OUTPUT and then i have connected positive terminal of LED with the GPIO-14 and negative terminal to the ground on pin 1 of expansion connector. But i am unable to glow the LED.
would you please guide me that how to connect external peripherals(LED OR SENSORS) with the expansion connector though the GPIO.
would you please help me regarding this issue.