LPCXpresso 7.8.0 Debug problem

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since I installed the LPCXpresso 7.8.0 I am facing an annoying problem about detecting my LPC-Link 2. 

In version 7.7.2 my major problem was program the flash which occasionally failing to initialize or complete. My solution was power reset of LPC-Link2 and a restart of LPCXpresso. In fact, most of the problems that I faced were "fixed" by the previous procedure. This new version 7.8.0 fixed most of the problems however I think that I found another one which is very annoying.

So, the problem is the LPCXpresso that after some debugs connections cannot initialize the redlink server and/or detect aJTAG/SWD connection. The last time that occurred (it happened several times) I lost the debug connection and the driver for LPC-Link2 was installing like it was the first time that I connect to computer. After that I was not able to start a debug connection again, even if I power reset the LPC-Link2, restart the LPCXpresso 7.8.0, use "vector catch" or use the previous version 7.7.2. I also tried to use the CMSIS without bridge in LPCXpresso 7.8.0 without success.

I attatch the error log.

The "solution" to bypass the problem and be able to start a debug connection on LPCXpresso 7.8.0 was uninstall the LPC-Link2 driver from Windows, connect the LPC-Link2 and instal the driver, and start a debug connection on LPCXpresso 7.7.2. If I try the first time after reinstall the driver in version 7.8.0 I found the same problem.

My OS is Windows 8.1.

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