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I have some trouble with the project/library use.

I use LPCXpresso 8 with a workspace who have some projects.
Some are C project, other C Libray projects.
Each one compiled.

But when i use it in my main/root project, the linker give me errors.
I define in his property the import library path and include and assembly.

But there is order in this panels and i don't understand in which order i need to put it.

if i have :
  libB (who use libA)
  MainProject (who use all other)

How is the good order ?

Low level first : lpc_chip, board, libA, libB Main
High level first : Main, libB, libA, board, chip

The -L and -l option are in the linker command line but it say me 'undefined reference' on some functions.
I miss something and i don't understand where i made wrong.

Thanks a lot.